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Who We're


We use a combination of the latest technology and years of
experience to bring the best outcomes in all types of property
transactions for our clients.


Have questions or concerns about your property? Let our expertise
and professional opinion provide insights for today’s markets and
guide you in the most profitable direction.


Do you have a client or lead in your area that you’d like to refer to a
professional? We welcome all types of real estate referrals from our
freelancers and real estate associates and pay out through banking


Let us be a representative for your property. We’ll use our expertise
and work with your preferences and goals to guide you into the best
choices for your situation.


We pride ourselves in our ability to produce a brief but accurate
estimation of a property’s value in the market with the help of our
associates. A price opinion is different than an appraisal as it
requires significantly less time to complete.

We work responsibly in partnership to enhance people’s lives
and environments.
Founded in 2019 and based in Islamabad, Pakistan, Voyager Real
estate is one of the premier commercial independent real estate


“We provide innovative property solutions for our clients that
add tangible value across property sectors and services”
A relationship built on trust is vital.
As your partners in property, we will always act with integrity and
care when it comes to our clients unique needs; consistently
thinking about the bigger picture to provide personalised, clear and
considered advice across all areas of property.
Through our deep understanding of key markets and sectors – both
emerging and established – we are dedicated to meeting and
exceeding your property goals.


“Voyager Real estate is a partnership defined by our people and the spirit of possibility”

A true partnership is a balanced one, and we are both passionate
about, and committed to, making our business inclusive and
diverse; giving each and every individual the space and opportunity
to perform at their best and be recognized for the immense value
they bring.
We empower everyone to have autonomy in their role and
encourage them to use their voice in how we can make a positive
impact as a firm and shape the future of real estate, the built
environment and the impact on the communities it serves.
Collaborative and engaged teams naturally provide excellent and
dedicated client service. In our workplace, opinions are respected,
everyone is invited to contribute to the success of our business and
innovation, and new ideas are celebrated.

Our 3rd milestone and our shared vision

We are delighted to have celebrated our 3rd anniversary in 2022 –
giving momentum to our dedication to building trust and enduring relationships and giving our clients the very best advice over the
long term.
We take inspiration from our past and look forward to define our
future – a future for positive growth, meaningful collaboration and
action in shaping the built environment and its impact for good.
Most importantly, we know there is so much our colleagues and
clients can do together to transform our business and the property
“People, Place and Planet is a call to action for the firm. We
work together to make the difference – for ourselves, for our
clients, and for our communities”
We aim to be influencers in improving the property sector through
our initiatives which are realized through three pillars of activity:
People, Place and Planet.

Our footprint

“Headquartered in Islamabad, we have a network of freelance
realtors globally and more than 50 people mainly freelancers”
We operate in locations where our clients need us to be, providing a
worldwide service that’s locally expert and globally informed.
Our determination to give you the best experience has led us to be
recognized as an innovative business leader in exceptional
customer service globally.

Company’s Information
Founded in 2019, Voyager Real estate as a Private Limited in
Pakistan in 2019. Our registered number under Security Exchange
commission Of Pakistan(SECP) is 0143787.

Meet our Team

Senior Real estate Consultant , Voyager Real estate Private Limited
Real estate Consultant , Voyager Real estate Private Limited
Real estate Consultant , Voyager Real Estate
Real estate Consultant (Chinese Business Community) , Voyager Real estate Private Limited

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